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Boutique hotel Virkas Muiža


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1. samm alates 2 - Vali toatüüp

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Boutique Apartment Venezia


This apartment will be best for a group of 4 since it has two bedrooms with separate bathrooms and toilets, however, if you wish, we can accommodate 6 people by making a bed out of the living-room sofa. “Boutique Apartment Venezia” name comes from the fact that it is located almost on water. The apartment is located on the semi-basement floor of an old building next to the Aleksupite river. As
far-fetched as it may sound, but you can open a window and look directly into the river. The apartment is unique because it has the only apartment sauna in all of the Kuldiga. Entrance is located in the inner yard, where you can conveniently park your car. The apartment is located at a 100 m distance from the town square and 200 meters from the Castle park. There you will find restaurants and cafes to enjoy the calm life of Kuldiga.


  • Kapp
  • Küte
  • Eraldi sissepääs
  • Sohva
  • Lemmikloomad lubatud
  • Hommikumantel
  • Vannituba
  • Tasuta pesemisvahendid
  • Saun
  • Dušš
  • Sussid
  • WC
  • Pliit
  • Köök
  • Köögitarbed
  • Külmkapp
  • Mineraalvesi
  • Linnavaade


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  • Maksimaalne inimeste arv: 4
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